Game night T-6 Days, and I’ve settled on NPC names. I originally gave them Forgotten Realms canon last names, but have now reverted to less ornate, more common ones. Using established names adds unnecessary weight, and only means something to people who are familiar with the metaplot, and once you’re familiar with the metaplot, it’s too heavy on the foreshadowing.

I’ve said too much.
Meet the Harding’s of Culain Manor, Featherdale.

Lord Devon Harding, former Purple Dragon Knight, last hereditary Lord of Culain Manor, titled Lord of Featherdale.

Lady Matrice Harding, Third Daughter of Duke Brannock of House Cormaeril, Lady of Culain Manor.

Greynora Harding, daughter and only child of Lord and Lady Harding

The Harding family hold ancestral land in Featherdale, the site of Culain Manor (which is more of a farm estate than a castle or keep). They’re nobility, but at the tapered end of their titles. Greynora will have to marry well to retain a title. She will not inherit one from her parents.
Lord Devon was a Purple Dragon Knight in Cormyr, and retired to lands bequeathed to him by his uncle. The lands were not considered a great boon, being unkempt, disorderly and wild; Villagers paid no taxes or tithes; theft, assaults and banditry were common; Culain Manor was close to collapse.

Devon rose to the task, bringing consistent and fair law, protection and, less popularly, taxes to his corner of Featherdale.
Devon is a hands on Lord. He farms the land, hunts game and patrols the area himself, partly because his coffers can’t pay for others to do the work, but mostly because he sees it as his duty. 

Whilst Lord Devon is not loved by his vassals, he is respected. He is one of the few established authority figures in Featherdale, and draws awe and ire in equal measure from the inhabitants of Featherdale. That he is not originally from the Dalelands has done him no favours.

Aware of the challenges he faces, and his own advancing years, Lord Devon has expanded his household, inviting a small number of capable individuals into Culain Manor in return for an oath of fealty to his name and a vow assist him with his duties.

My intention is use the Player Characters fealty to Lord Harding as the springboard for the first few adventures: law and order, dispute mediation, safeguarding villagers etc. Basically killing bandits, chasing of wolves and goblins, getting rid of oversized beetles that have gotten into the grain store, shit like that.

We’ll be finalising the Player Characters at the start of the first session, and as far as I’m aware, they’ll include:

  • A Human Bard (noble)
  • A Human Fighter (noble)
  • A Human Rogue
  • Possibly a Cleric

So, basically a Star Wars party. I need to work out what the D&D equivalent of a Droid and Wookie are. Possibly a paired Halfling and Elf, and a Half-Orc…