Mage: the Awakening session 8 – Restraining Order Blues

Starting position:

We started with a brief XP expenditure and bookkeeping exercise, with the most notable event being Matt buying Death 4 for his character, Jon-Anthony, and cemented his position as party liability.

“I’ve had a look at what I can do with Death magic, and I’m buying the 4th dot!”

Other players:


It’s been, um, 4 weeks, so this is going to be very woolly…

Donnal’s trial begins. His charges are basically ‘getting involved in shit that endangers other Mages’. The book is being thrown at him, apparently for political leverage reasons rather than a pursuit of justice.

The Council members hearing his case are weighted against him. Three are members of The Golden Trinity, who have already asserted his guilt prior to the trial. The other two members are effectively neutral. It would take direct intervention by the Consilium Hierarch, the oldest Mage in the area, to override any verdict reached by the Trinity.

The Hierarch is Granny. She trained Tall Les, who trained Donnal. Tall Les offered up a part of his Soul and magical potential, a Soul Stone, as bail for Donnal. Tall Les is effectively on trial here as well, being responsible for Donnal’s conduct.

It would be a great breach of protocol for Granny to get involved in this instance, and would expose her to political challenge and censure.

As the trial begins, and the charges are read, it is revealed that Tall Les is now missing, as is his Soul Stone. It is asserted and accepted that Tall Les has broken the conditions of Donnal’s bail, and is now a fugitive.

The trial format is not one of opposing arguments, rather an agreed narrative. Events and arguments are presented, and then agreed upon, leading to version of the truth that both sides accept.

Donnal does not do well. The cabal present their evidence, which clears Donnal of the actual crime. The Trinity find that Donnal is at fault, as he placed himself in peril. They find that Tall Les is at fault, as he did not teach Donnal how to recognise and counter such magical effects.

Sentencing is that Donnal will be removed from Tall Les’s direction and assigned to a new master. Tall Les will be hunted down and brought to trial, or killed.

At this point, Granny intercedes, and asserts her veto as Hierarch. As this is debated, Donar notes that the silhouette of Miranda Peacock, the Mastigos Mage from The Golden Trinity, matches the silhouette of the Goetic Demon they observed possessing Lucy, which got Donnal into trouble in the first place.

Donar asserts this, loudly.

This escalates the argument somewhat, and results in Miranda challenging Donnal to a magical duel, which is apparently still considered a fair and legal way to settle a dispute.

End Position

Donnal has been challenged to a Duel Arcane, which will ultimately settle his guilt or innocence.

Donar instantly put his hand up to be Donnal’s second, because it probably involves hitting.

Eels reference: Restraining Order Blues


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