Star Wars: Operation Triple Zero

We had a break in our normal scheduled game of Monster of the Week, so I ran a Star Wars one shot as a filler.
I don’t like or own (for Reasons) any of the FFG Star Wars books, and whilst I do have a copy of the Saga Edition rules, life is too short to stat up a bunch of characters for a one shot. 
Instead I used Star Worlds, a cut down Powered by the Apocalypse hack inspired by John Harper’s World of Dungeons. There’s an embedded file below that totally is not a malicious exe file. Scout’s honour…
I originally found it here, but seeing as it points to a G+community…

Star Worlds is an imperfect hack, and could do with another pass at editing, but it’s fun for a one shot. 
It’s got six base classes – Jedi, Soldier, Outlander, Scoundrel, Nobel and Droid (Droids are also a species) – and 15 distinct species. 
Each species gets some flavour, and some Skills. 
Every Class gets two Abilities as well.

Look, just read the rules. There are only 21 pages FFS.

Anyway, it’s a simplified ruleset, and lends itself to quick char gen and play. That it’s a one shot game as well, that means that I don’t need to care if the rules are rubbish or not. 

I’ve recently been accused of over preparing my RPG sessions, so to prove them wrong, I mocked up a mission briefing in Google Slides (embedded below as a converted PowerPoint deck). 

The Set-up
It is immediately after The Battle of Endor. The PCs are a Rebel Cell based on Coruscant. As word reaches them of the death of Palpatine, they hatch a plan to retake the Imperial Palace and loot  reclaim any treasures, knowledge, plans or objects of cultural importance that may lay within. 
Here’s the mission outline I wrote (remember, I do not overprep)

Blazing battle between Rebel forces and civilians, and the Imperial remnants at the main entrance. Team to enter via unmarked side entrance. “Intel is good, the codes shouldn’t have refreshed”
Entrance patrolled by Imperial spy droids and has automated defences.
Need to sneak past sentries [Guile] and disable defences [Acuity].

Leads to

Comms Room:
2 Stormtroopers
1 Imperial Agent (Officer)
Comms Room allows partial access to security systems for Palpatine’s quarters.
Camera’s show Stormtroopers attention is focused on external events.
No cameras in Palpatine’s private quarters or in the Throne Room.
Only visibility of corridors linking them

Leads to

Main Corridor:
A once ornate hallway, now stripped back to bare walls. Discolouration and dust show where pictures and decorations and finery stood for decades.
1 Protocol droid found walking in circles, its leg and head partially damaged.
C-3LR (reader, they shot and killed C-3LR on sight)

Protocol Droid curated The Emperor’s cultural archives – art, science, history, philosophy, music, particularly Opera. As news of the Emperor’s demise reached the palace, many of the officers deserted, and some took to looting,
The house guard prevented any loss, damaging the Curator in the process.

Leads to

Throne Room:
Ranking Imperial Officer sits on the Emperor’s Throne, flanked by other Officers and Civilian staff.
Civilians cower on one knee to the side.
Bodies of Stormtroopers and Officers lie on the floor, to one side.
3 Imperial Agents
1 Stormtrooper
Officers are addressing a screen – team can see other Imperial Officers at other locations.
Officer on Throne is barking “Hold Fast” “Brook no dissent” “Execute all traitors” “The Empire lives on” “This is an organisational change, nothing more”

Moff Vender La is attempting to assume command.
Revelation that codes to the palace were leaked to Rebels to draw them out following the expected triumph of the Empire at the Endor ambush.

Leads to

Palaptine’s Private Quarters:
2 Imperial Guards
2 Stormtroopers
Self Destruct Sequence
Celebration / medals / fireworks / making out with a Wookie

So how did they do?

They did OK. I fucked up a couple of times because I’ve never run a PbtA game before, and have no idea what is an easy encounter, what’s a challenge and what is suicidally insane. 
They took a fair amount of time gaining access to the palace. I kept trying to give them opportunities to dress up as Stormtroopers, which was their original plan, but they re-jigged the plan to be ‘walk brazenly into each room and shoot any imperials’.
It worked well enough. 

Between them they were playing a Human Scoundrel, a Trandoshan Soldier and an infiltration droid. 
They relied heavily on the infiltration droid to get close to the enemy and then strike them with a concealed blade or blaster. 

The droid was destroyed in the penultimate encounter. She fell down one of the seemingly bottomless shaft that Imperial architects are so fond of after failing an attack roll with a thermal detonator. 
She opted to self destruct on the way done, which I decided required a Spirit roll. Her player passed, but with a Problem, so I ruled that the act of self destruction momentarily overclocked her heuristic processor, and she achieved a state of pure understanding and enlightenment. And then blew up and crashed to the solid ground below.

The Scoundrel nearly died in Palpatine’s quarters, as a red robed Imperial Guard impaled him through a wall with a vibro spear.
Luckily, the Trandoshan Soldier opted to spend a Hero Point and use the Interceptor ability to take his human friend’s damage for him instead. He still had 10 out of 12 vitality.

By the time we got to the final encounter, we were one PC down and had run out of time, so I hand-waved the ending, which is a shame. 

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